Gin's Inn Parlor Balcony


We are seeking new owners who will embrace the business and love it as we did OR make it their home as furnished.

Our hearts remain with those we met. To those who were stranded in snow storms and sought comfort at the Inn, families laying loved ones to rest, celebrating the new lives of married couples, and if it was just for a time or relaxation, we were excited to meet you and happy to have made the Inn your home where you met other interesting people. Gin’s Inn was host to Country singer song writer Marie dignitaries, Jason Aldean and Band, Deidre Capone, great niece of Al Capone.

Buying Interest - Email or call 712.830.9200

Lavender Room

Relax and experience the lavender fragance throughout our newly renovated room. Includes privacy parlor & veranda.

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Rose Room

This bright and spacious room features a roses motif with shades of burgundy and cream and hardwood floors.

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Golf Room

This cozy room has a queen sized bed and is decorated in a golf theme with shades of green, blue, and burgundy.

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Cherub Room

Cherubs and angels abound in this heavenly blue and white room. Two twin-sized white iron beds are available.

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Suede Room

Soft suede and alluring leopard print décor awaits you in this room featuring a queen sized bed with large headboard.

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